The New Moves

Jake has officially given the reigns to Devin (me).  This means he will sit as Founder, still, but he will not actively be involved apart from the idea phase of things.  He is still working online, pursuing his passions, and kicking butt where and when appropriate.

Content writing / marketing is a real skill not many are willing to put on the line for the guts and glory.  Thus, I attempted to create content pioneers, but hav been unsuccessful… I’ve tried my 15 year old cousin – he got one article out and marketed, then fell out.  I tried my college friend and former co-worker, same story.  Luckily, there exists Kalen.

Kalen Smith has been with the team from early on, working as an Independent Manager for the Design Tickle project.  He writes the content, markets the content, and he keeps the majority of the revenue as part of the partnership.  Kalen is a friend of mine from college.  Together, we started the Offsite Optimizer project to create a platform for internet marketing standardization.  He’s an internet entrepreneur by profession and works full time on his own projects, helping us out when he can.  Kalen with his experience and MBA provides valuable insight on business structure and marketing.

When it was discovered that our blogging competitors had an unfair advantage – time or money – it was Jake who recommended that we re-align our focus into a different kind of revenue stream.  Rather than trying to build content like masterful content wizards across 5 domains, we instead decided to build a money-making platform that didn’t require crazy amounts of lucky/paid viral traffic to make money.  No – we were going to pick a project in our list of aspirations that made the most money the fastest – an ad network called Ad Fortress.

NJ Mercaldo is a talented young programmer who works part time on the Ad Fortress project.  Already, he has made great advancements in setting up databases,writing scripts, and more importantly, getting those scripts to work with the databases.  Next, he plans on helping us out with some competitive research.  He was only 15 when he started, and hopefully this will turn around in time enough to get him some money for college.

Lastly, we’ve been given the opportunity to become a real company.  Yes – we can.  TalkRite Communications founded by David Thayer (my father) now serves as the representative for all matters concerning Excelling Media business practices.  TalkRite started as a company selling phone services in 1995 and now offers web design, hosting, marketing, app development, and webmaster tools… plus more… I mean it’s a really long list.  TalkRite has accounts, credibility, resources, tools, memberships, and a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table.

Welcome to the team: Kalen Smith, NJ Mercaldo, and David Thayer!